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Essays are required on a regular basis in almost all subject areas that you will study. Many of the essays that are written count towards your final grades and as such must be completed to a high standard if you are to get the grades that you need. Our essay helper free can support you with gaining those better grades. By using our English essay corrector free you will ensure that your writing will always be free of any problems.

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The Importance of Correct Essay Structure

Writing an essay that is easy to follow and that presents your ideas and arguments in a logical and concise manner is key to being awarded good grades. Just as a single sentence must be arranged so that it reads well and without confusion so must your whole essay.

Essays that lack structure or jump from one idea to another without any real logic are confusing and will result in you getting a lower grade even if you have managed to cover every point somewhere in your writing. Always ensure that you use the correct structure for your writing.

Basic Essay Structure for Your Paper

One of the first things that you must learn when writing is how to structure your essays. You will be shown how to use what is known as the five-paragraph essay structure for your writing so that you will be able to present your work in a logical manner. This is the easiest format to use and any other format will simply be a variation on this as any other essay help websites will show you.

The following is how the outline format for your essay should be organized:

  • Introduction: this first section of your writing provides the reader with a brief background to the subject about which you will write. It should then introduce your thesis or argument so that they have a clear idea as to what you will be writing about.
  • Body paragraph number 1: this first body paragraph will introduce your first and often the strongest piece of evidence in support of your thesis. It should contain one piece of evidence only to support your thesis.
  • Body Paragraph number 2: similar to the first boy paragraph you will introduce another piece of evidence in support of what you wish to show through your essay. Often the weakest of your pieces of evidence.
  • Body Paragraph number 3: this should be your second strongest argument in support of your thesis.
  • Conclusion: this part of your paper will usually start with a summary of what has been discussed within your body paragraphs. It should never introduce new evidence or information. It should then show how this clearly supports the now restated thesis of your paper. The paper can then end with your personal view on the subject or a call to action.

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Alternatives to the 5 Paragraph Essay

There are of course alternatives to writing the 5 paragraph essay, although this will almost always provide you with a safe and clear way to organize and outline your writing. Remember that you are not limited to only 5 paragraphs. You can add many more body paragraphs as the need arises and spend more time on setting the background depending on your specific needs and the length of an essay that you will need.

There are many other ways that you could organize your essays however depending on need. These can be any of the following and much more:

  • Blog posts
  • Scripts and plays
  • Infographics
  • Debates
  • Other essay styles such as: cause and effect, definition, comparative, or descriptive

College Essay Writing Tips

Many students seek support to “help me write my essay for free.” The following tips will help you to put together an essay that will get you the grades that you need:

  • Have a clear understanding of what is required: if you don’t know what the prompt means or what structure you are expected to follow then ask for clarification prior to starting.
  • Do good research: read what is expected of you, use the library and scholarly search engines and not just information from popular blogs that may not be trustworthy.
  • Outline your paper: a good outline is a key to ensuring that your essay will be properly organized and that your ideas will fit well together.
  • Check your work: our essay help service provides you with a free tool that will quickly proofread and improve your writing significantly.

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Our paper grader online offers you the ability to thoroughly check for:

  • Grammatical errors with more than 400 rules reviewed.
  • Spelling: the tool will find spelling issues and words used out of context.
  • Punctuation: the tool will highlight all potential issues for review.
  • Vocabulary: the tool makes suggestions to improve your wording.
  • Plagiarism: it will help you to avoid any copying issues within your writing.

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