Where to Check My Essay Free

Do I Need to Check My Essay for Grammar Errors Using Software?

It is always important to check your writing with care. Any issues in your writing can have a significant negative impact on the grades that you get for your work. Using a tool to fix my essay online free can be one of the quickest and most effective ways to do it. Our tool to check my essay free is able to check your writing for hundreds of different potential issues and provide you with the corrections required.

By using our tool to check my essay for errors you will be able to ensure that your work will always be of a high standard when you submit it. Regular use of the tool will also help you to identify mistakes that you commonly make with your writing helping you to avoid those issues in the future.

What Mistakes Do Students Commonly Make with Their Essay Writing?

There are hundreds of different grammar rules that you could break as well as many other potential issues you could have with your punctuation and spelling. The following however are some of the most common errors that students will include within their English sentences:

  • Poor subject-verb agreement: often students will fail to match the two when it comes to them being singular or plural.
  • Run on sentences: these are sentences in which you have two main clauses and no punctuation between them.
  • Sentence fragments: for a sentence to make sense it must have a subject and a verb. If the sentence fails to have one of these then it will be a fragment.
  • Incorrect word choices: many students confuse words such as its and it’s and will use the wrong one within their writing.
  • Passive voice: you should always use the active voice within your writing which will place the subject before the verb in the sentence structure.

10 Tips to Check My Essay for Mistakes

If you want to proofread your writing effectively then it is going to take time and effort on your part. The following are some tips for conducting your manual proofreading:

  • Leave as long as possible between writing and checking so that you are less familiar with the writing.
  • Read the writing aloud: this will help you to find sentences that sound incorrect, especially when it comes to poor punctuation.
  • Print the work out in a larger font than normal: this helps you to better concentrate on the words on the page.
  • For larger essays and papers break the work into manageable chunks before you start.
  • Read the sentences in reverse order: this allows you to better understand each individual sentence out of the context of the whole paper.
  • Keep a list of the mistakes that you commonly make to check for them.
  • Check for one type of mistake at a time: don’t try to look for everything at once.
  • Take regular breaks: trying to proofread if you are tired or distracted is not going to be effective.
  • Cover adjacent lines so that you can concentrate on one at a time.
  • Use a tool to “check my essay for free” as it will help to find mistakes that may have slipped through your own check.

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Should I Use a Tool to Check My Essay Free or Do It Manually?

The biggest problem with manually checking your work is that it can take a long time, especially if you want to do it properly. It is also not very effective if you are going through your own writing. We regularly miss even obvious errors when we look at our own writing. We also quickly get tired with the checking making us even less effective than any Google grammar check.

Using an automatic paper checker for errors, however, is very quick. Our word checker can take just minutes to go through your writing to eliminate any errors that may be present. Not only that, the software is able to check without getting distracted or tired ensuring that it will find all of the issues in your work.

How to Check My Essay for Plagiarism Free

Our free essay corrector is one of the simplest tools that you will find online to fix your writing. To use our essay checker free online all that you need to do is to:

  • Go to the webpage where our tool sits.
  • Copy the text that you want to check into the space provided on the tool.
  • Allow the software to quickly check through your writing testing for hundreds of potential issues in just a few seconds.
  • Go through the results and make modifications to your writing according to the suggestions that the software provides for you.
  • Copy the corrected writing back into your original essay.

Check my essay free with the automatic corrector that we provide and ensure that your writing is top notch when submitted.