Detect Plagiarism with Online Essay Plagiarism Checker

Why Do You Need to Check Essay Plagiarism?

The consequences of copying anything and submitting it as your own work can be very severe. If they consider it a deliberate act you could easily be removed from your course and not graduate. So using an online essay plagiarism checker on your work should always be done so that you never let anything slip through. Our best essay grammar checker, punctuation and, of course, plagiarism tool will help you to ensure that you only submit work of the highest standards.

Correct Referencing to Avoid Plagiarism

Within academic writing, we will often refer to what others have found and said to support our own work. This is often included within our writing as direct quotations or as paraphrased information. Whenever we do this we must use the proper citation format so that it is clear that we are presenting the ideas of another and to give them credit.

A quote that is included within your writing that comes with no citation and is not included within your list of references would be seen as clear plagiarism. This could cause you very severe problems and must be avoided at all costs. Because of this, you should always use an essay plagiarism detector on your work.

Your tutor will almost certainly be using a paid or free essay similarity checker to generate a similarity percentage for all of the essays that they will be marking. They will always look closely at any essay that gets flagged by the software so you must ensure that all quotes are carefully cited and referenced within your writing.

How to Do Your Essay Plagiarism Check

There are many ways that plagiarism can be spotted within a paper that can catch you out if you have copied anything. The following are some ways that you can use to see if there is any plagiarism within an essay:

  • Submit text to a search engine: this can be time-consuming as most have character limits for how many words can be searched at a time. Enclosing text within speech marks will have them search for exact matches.
  • Look for changes in tense or person: when people copy text they often forget to ensure that they maintain the same tenses within the whole of the essay.
  • Look for sudden improvements in writing or changes in style: most tutors become accustomed to how different students write. So a sudden change will often stick out.
  • Different fonts: when you copy and paste from another source you will often introduce another font into your work. This is often an indicator of plagiarism.
  • Use the best college essay plagiarism checker: our tool will quickly review the text and help you to see if any part of the essay has been copied from elsewhere.

Avoiding Unintentional Plagiarism

One of the most common reasons for introducing plagiarism into a paper is simply copying notes into your writing and then forgetting to change them later. To overcome this use a different color of text when you do your copying so that it stands out like a sore thumb.

Plagiarism will always lead to significant issues up to expulsion and must be avoided in your writing. The most effective way to do so is always to write from scratch and to take care that any quotations and other uses of academic sources are done with care and properly cited.

How Can Our Online Essay Plagiarism Checker Help You?

Our essay helper free provides you with a way to check for far more than just copying within your essay. It provides you with a comprehensive review of your writing that will check it for all forms of writing errors. Our paper plagiarism checker free will review your writing for:

  • Plagiarism
  • Grammar errors
  • Misplaced punctuation
  • Spelling mistakes
  • Words out of context

Not only will the software check for problems it will also help you to improve your writing. In addition to providing you with clear suggestions to correct the issues that it finds it will also make suggestions for improving your vocabulary so that your work reads better.

How to Use Our Plagiarism App

To use our simple free tool all you need to do is navigate to our website and follow these steps:

  • Paste the text that you require checking into the space that has been provided for it.
  • The software will check the text for many hundreds of potential problems and plagiarism in just a few seconds.
  • Review the results and make the changes that are suggested.
  • Paste the corrected work back into your document.

Make full use of our online essay plagiarism checker on all writing and avoid issues with all of your papers.