Avoid Making Common Mistakes with Free Essay Check

Why Do I Need to Check the Grammar of My Essay?

Many students will seek out a way to proofread my essay online for free. The reason for this is very simple; submitting essays that have errors within them will hit your grades hard. So having a quick way to improve them prior to submission is the perfect way to improve your grades. Our highly effective free essay check can help you to eliminate all mistakes in your writing.

Using our essay check for free is far quicker than trying to do your review for grammar errors yourself. Not only does it save time however, it will also help you to spot errors that you would have overlooked when doing the review yourself.

What Are the Common Mistakes That Our Free Essay Check Will Find?

There is the potential to make hundreds of different mistakes with your writing. No one writes perfectly, we all make mistakes no matter how careful we are. Our free essay check for sentence structure and other grammatical errors can check your writing for so much. It will help you to identify all of the issues within your writing such as:

  • Grammatical errors: the software checks for more than 400 English grammar errors such as using the passive voice to incorrect comma splices.
  • Punctuation: incorrect use of any punctuation can completely change the meaning of what you have written. The tool is able to highlight potential issues and make suggested improvements.
  • Spelling: the tool has a vastly extended dictionary as well as being able to help you to spot words that are commonly used out of context.
  • Copying: the tool offers a quick and easy way to check your essay for plagiarism. It will compare your work to past writing to ensure it is unique to you.
  • Vocabulary: not only will the tool check that your words are used correctly it will also make suggestions for words that would be better suited for use within your writing.

Essay Check List for Proofreading

If you are going to proofread your work yourself it is always handy to have a good checklist against which to check your work. Often it is best to have a personalized list that will reflect the mistakes that you yourself make most commonly. The following is an essay checklist that you will be able to use when reviewing your writing:

  1. Have you answered the prompt of the essay?
  2. Does the essay have a logical flow from start to finish?
  3. Is the tense and person consistent throughout?
  4. Are there any obvious typos in your writing?
  5. Review for homophones (words like their, there, they’re)
  6. Check for passive voice use.
  7. Check for run-on sentences.
  8. Check comma splices.
  9. Are acronyms spelled out?
  10. Have you used words repeatedly?

How Can You Use Our Essay Checker?

There are few tools out there that are as easy to use as our online essay plagiarism checker and grammar corrector. Our free text editor can provide you with a full check of your writing in just seconds and you can use it from anywhere online. To use our tool to correct your writing all you need to do is:

  • Navigate to our tool page to use the free essay checking tool.
  • Paste the particular text that you need to test into the provided area on the tool.
  • The software will check your writing for hundreds of potential errors: the testing will take just a few seconds to work its way through your writing.
  • Review the results: you have full control over what changes are made. The tool will highlight errors and make suggestions for improvement that you will have to accept to implement.
  • Paste the results back into the document that you have checked.

Never fail to use our free essay check on your writing if you want to get the best results from your work.